Josh Mobley

Rogue Monster Light 390BT Review


I bought the Rogue RML-390BT back in April of 2018. Since it was delivered in early May, it's been the cornerstone of my garage gym, and the primary piece of equipment I use to train.


  • Made in Columbus, OH, USA
  • Uprights: 90” tall,3x3" 11-Gauge Steel
  • 0.625" Bolts and Fasteners
  • West Side Hole Spacing: 1” through bench and clean pull zone, 2" spacing above and below
  • (1) Pair of Monster Lite J-Cups with UHMW plastic inserts
  • (1) Set of Pin/Pipe Safeties for Squats, Bench & Rack Pulls from any height
  • (4) Band Pegs for additional resistance workouts
  • (1) 43" Fat/Skinny Pull-Up Bar
  • Important: Unit Must Be Bolted to Floor

My Considerations

I don't have a ton of space in my garage for a gym. I wanted to effectively use my parking space for a gym, while still leaving enough space in the garage for my wife's vehicle, as well as all the other STUFF we use a garage to store.

I knew I could get away with an 8' x 8' lifting platform, but I wouldn't have much more room than that.

As such, the 390 seemed like the right model. It's not quite as deep as other models, meaning I'd have plenty of space to still deadlift outside of the rack. I didn't have much experience with the big lifts or barbell training prior to purchasing, so I didn't know exactly how much space I'd need for deadlifting.

Conversely, I wasn't sure if the space I was giving up inside the rack was going to be a problem for squatting. These days I realize that the bar path on a squat is entirely vertical, but it was a concern when I compared it to the 4' deep racks like the 490.

I was also eyeballing the bolt-together version (BT) because I thought it'd be easier to move in the future if I need to relocate my gym space.

My Customizations

  • 30" depth
  • Ohio Bar Black Oxide w/ Bright Zinc Sleeves
  • Monster Light Strap Safety System 2.0

My Experience

This, like most things with the Rogue name, is an excellent piece of steel. The weight and craftsmanship are world-class, and from the moment you start putting it together, you know that you'll never have to worry about this thing failing on you, no matter what load you put on it.

After months of lifting, I love this rack. It's the perfect size for my space, and the 30" depth is more than adequate for anything I've needed it for.

I've not used the pins, but I'll say the safety straps are rock-solid and have bailed me out of failed squats and bench reps on at least a dozen occasions. TAKE THE TIME TO SET YOUR SAFETIES -- ESPECIALLY FOR BENCH PRESS.

I work out alone, so the safeties are a non-negotiable for me.

Additionally, I didn't bolt this rack to my platform for the first 8 months that I owned it. Originally because I wasn't sure if it was in it's final location. It didn't cause any significant problems, other than the rack would drift a bit over time after racking bench press over and over.

I will say, that after bolting it down and tightening everything up again -- it's an improved experience -- more solid overall. It's worth the effort to go ahead and do that immediately.

I'm happy to answer any specific questions about this rack, or my platform setup, but if you're in the market and considering this one -- it's two thumbs up from me.


5/5 -- Nothing bad to say about this awesome rack.