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Modularizing and open-sourcing my process

01 March 2017


If you’ve been to my site before, you may notice a new item in the navigation. As of today, I’ve created a “tools” section, where I’ll be sharing a collection of development tools that are inspired by my day to day workflow.

Why now?

Earlier this week a self-proclaimed “n00b at gulp” pinged me about my build process.

I find myself being asked more frequently to point people in the direction of information, or to offer any help I’m willing to give fixing a broken task-runner config, Angular router errors, or broken Wordpress install.

I’m happy to help other developers whenever possible, and feel grateful that I’m able to provide valuable information to others.

This encouraged me to open-source my own personal toolsets that I use day-in and day-out. The process of open-sourcing these bad-boys helps me organize and document them better, provides an opportunity to critically look at every part of my build process, and hopefully will help others by being made publically available.

So all of that being said, head over to tools and have a look around.

Questions? Ideas? Connect with me on Twitter @joshmobley.

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